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The Earrings of Madame de . . .

The most cherished work from French master Max Ophuls, The Earrings of Madame de . . . is a profoundly emotional, cinematographically adventurous tale of deceptive opulence and tragic romance.

Max Ophuls France, 1953
35 mm, Blu-ray, DVD

Lola Montès

Max Ophuls’s final film, _Lola Montès_ is at once a magnificent romantic melodrama, a meditation on the lurid fascination with celebrity, and a one-of-a-kind movie spectacle.

Max Ophuls Germany, 1955
Blu-ray, DVD

Le plaisir

Max Ophuls brings his astonishing visual dexterity and storytelling bravura to this triptych of tales by Guy de Maupassant about the limits of spiritual and physical pleasure.

Max Ophuls France, 1952

La ronde

Soldiers, chambermaids, poets, prostitutes, aristocrats—all are on equal footing in Max Ophuls's multicharacter merry-go-round of love and infidelity.

Max Ophuls France, 1950