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Innocence Unprotected

This utterly unclassifiable film—assembled from the “lost” footage of the first Serbian talkie, made during the Nazi occupation—is one of Makavejev’s most freewheeling farces.

Dušan Makavejev Yugoslavia, 1968

Love Affair, or the Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator

This story of the tragic romance between a young telephonist (Eva Ras) and a middle-aged rodent sanitation specialist (Slobodan Aligrudic) in Belgrade is an endlessly surprising, time-shifting exploration of love and freedom.

Dušan Makavejev Yugoslavia, 1967

Man Is Not a Bird

_Man Is Not a Bird_ is an antic, free-form portrait of the love lives of two less-than-heroic men who labor in a copper factory. This is one of cinema’s most assured and daring debuts.

Dušan Makavejev Yugoslavia, 1965

Sweet Movie

With its lewd abandon and sketch-comedy perversity, Makavejev’s cult staple _Sweet Movie_ is a full-throated shriek in the face of bourgeois complacency and movie watching.

Dušan Makavejev France, 1974

WR: Mysteries of the Organism

What does the energy harnessed through orgasm have to do with the state of communist Yugoslavia circa 1971? Only counterculture filmmaker extraordinaire Dušan Makavejev has the answers (or the questions) in his surreal documentary-fiction collision _WR: Mysteries of the Organism_.

Dušan Makavejev Yugoslavia, 1971
35 mm, DVD