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The Bakery Girl of Monceau

In the first of Rohmer’s "Moral Tales," a law student (Barbet Schroeder) with a roving eye and a large appetite stuffs himself full of sugar cookies and pastries daily in order to garner the attentions of the pretty brunette who works in a quaint Paris bakery.

Eric Rohmer France, 1963

Claire’s Knee

“Why would I tie myself to one woman if I were interested in others?” says Jerôme, even as he plans on marrying a diplomat’s daughter by summer’s end. Before then, Jerôme spends his July at a lakeside boardinghouse nursing crushes on the sixteen-year-old Laura and her blonde stepsister, Claire.

Eric Rohmer France, 1970

La collectionneuse

In Rohmer’s first color film, a bombastic, womanizing art dealer and his painter friend go to a seventeenth-century villa on the Riviera for a relaxing summer getaway. But their idyll is disturbed by the presence of the bohemian Haydée, accused of being a “collector” of men.

Eric Rohmer France, 1967

The Green Ray

Éric Rohmer captures the ache of summertime sadness with exquisite poignancy in this luminous tale of self-exploration, the fifth film in his Comedies and Proverbs cycle.

Eric Rohmer France, 1986

Love in the Afternoon

In the luminous final chapter to Rohmer’s "Moral Tales," the bourgeois business executive Frédéric, though happily married to an adoring wife, cannot banish from his mind the multitude of attractive Parisian women who pass him every day. Then arrives Chloé, an audacious, unencumbered old flame.

Eric Rohmer France, 1972

My Night at Maud’s

In the brilliantly accomplished centerpiece of Rohmer’s “Moral Tales” series, Jean-Louis Trintignant plays Jean-Louis, a pious Catholic engineer who unwittingly spends the night at the apartment of the bold, brunette divorcée Maud, where his rigid ethical standards are challenged.

Eric Rohmer France, 1969

Suzanne’s Career

In Rohmer's second “Moral Tale,” Bertrand bides his time in a casually hostile and envious friendship with college chum Guillaume. But when ladies’ man Guillaume seems to be making a play for the spirited, independent Suzanne, Bertrand watches bitterly with disapproval and jealousy.

Eric Rohmer France, 1963

A Tale of Autumn

The concluding installment of the “Tales of the Four Seasons” tetralogy is a breezy take on the classic American romantic comedies that influenced Rohmer and his New Wave peers.

Eric Rohmer France, 1998
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A Tale of Springtime

In the first film of “Tales of the Four Seasons,” a burgeoning friendship between philosophy teacher Jeanne (Anne Teyssèdre) and pianist Natacha (Florence Darel) is strained by jealousy, suspicion, and intrigue.

Eric Rohmer France, 1990
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A Tale of Summer

According to Rohmer, the third film of the “Tales of the Four Seasons” is his “most personal vehicle.”

Eric Rohmer France, 1996
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A Tale of Winter

The second installment of “Tales of the Four Seasons” is among the most spiritual and emotional films of Rohmer’s storied career.

Eric Rohmer France, 1992
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