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Sacha Guitry exchanges his usual top hat for a uniform in _Désiré,_ playing a cavalier valet embroiled in an awkward flirtation with his new employer, played by the actor-director’s real-life wife, Jacqueline Delubac.

Sacha Guitry France, 1937

The Pearls of the Crown

Sacha Guitry plays four roles in this whirlwind of pageantry investigating the history of seven pearls, four of which end up on the crown of England and three of which go missing. The Pearls of the Crown rockets through four centuries of European history with imaginative, winking irreverence.

Sacha Guitry France, 1937
16 mm, DVD


A sparkling four-way affair overflowing with dialogue that showcases writer-director Sacha Guitry’s wit, _Quadrille_ stars Guitry as a magazine editor whose longtime girlfriend—to whom he plans to finally propose—is uncontrollably drawn to a handsome American movie star.

Sacha Guitry France, 1938

The Story of a Cheat

This fleet, witty picaresque about a gambler and petty thief is a whimsical delight. Guitry himself stars as the tricheur looking back fondly on a life of crime, which he narrates with an effervescence matched by that of the film's skillful editing and cinematography.

Sacha Guitry France, 1936
35 mm, DVD