Showing: Jacques Rozier  
Adieu Philippine

In his bold yet playful feature debut, and in one of the great overlooked gems of the French New Wave, Jacques Rozier satirizes several major cultural currents of early-60s France: its political blindness, romantic escapism, and commercial corruption.

Jacques Rozier 1962

The Castaways of Turtle Island

Having framed his first two features as seaside holiday films, Rozier used the third, The Castaways of Turtle Island, to mock the tourist industry and the increasingly popular “going native” movement among first-world vacationers.

Jacques Rozier 1976

Fifi Martingale

Rozier’s final film is a joyful compendium of his major themes and strategies as well as one of the funniest depictions of the theater ever committed to celluloid.

Jacques Rozier 2001

Maine-Océan Express

By land, by sea, by air . . . In Rozier’s quirkiest comedy, a Brazilian dancer’s (Rosa-Maria Gomes) invalid train ticket for a journey from Paris to Saint-Nazaire sparks a shaggy dog story that encompasses the adventures of a quick-tempered boatman (Yves Afonso), his highfalutin attorney (Lydia Feld), a scheming talent agent (Pedro Armendáriz Jr.), and several other memorable characters as they converge and disperse via various modes of transportation throughout a series of unpredictable coincidences.

Jacques Rozier 1986

Near Orouet

In early September three young Parisians – Caroline (Caroline Cartier), her cousin Kareen (Françoise Guégan), and Joëlle (Danièle Croisy) – travel to the sparsely populated oceanside town of Orouët for a carefree holiday.

Jacques Rozier 1971