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For what would prove to be his final film, Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami gave himself a challenge: to create a dialogue between his work as a filmmaker and his work as a photographer, bridging the two art forms to which he had dedicated his life.

Abbas Kiarostami Iran, 2017
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD

And Life Goes On

In the aftermath of a 1990 earthquake that left 30,000 dead, Kiarostami returned to the village of Koker where his camera surveys not only the devastation but the teeming life that continues in its wake.

Abbas Kiarostami Iran, 1992
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD


Internationally revered Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami has created some of the most inventive and transcendent cinema of the past thirty years, and the fiction-documentary hybrid Close-up is his most radical, brilliant work.

Abbas Kiarostami Iran, 1990
35 mm, Blu-ray, DVD

Taste of Cherry

Middle-aged Mr. Badii drives through the hilly outskirts of Tehran, searching for someone to rescue or bury him, in Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami’s emotionally complex meditation on life and death.

Abbas Kiarostami Iran, 1997
DCP, 35 mm, DVD

Through the Olive Trees

Kiarostami takes meta-narrative gamesmanship to masterful new heights in the final installment of his celebrated Koker trilogy.

Abbas Kiarostami Iran, 1994
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD

Where Is the Friend’s House?

The first film in Abbas Kiarostami’s sublime, interlacing trilogy of films set in the northern Iranian village of Koker takes a premise of fable-like simplicity—a boy searches for the home of his classmate whose school notebook he has accidentally taken—and transforms it into a miraculous, child’s-eye adventure of the everyday.

Abbas Kiarostami Iran, 1987
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD