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An Autumn Afternoon

The last film by Yasujiro Ozu was also his final masterpiece, a gently heartbreaking story about a man’s dignifed resignation to life’s shifting currents and society’s modernization.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1962
DCP, 35 mm, DVD

Dragnet Girl

This formally accomplished and psychologically complex gangster tale pivots on the growing attraction between Joji, a hardened career criminal, and Kazuko, the sweet-natured older sister of a newly initiated young hoodlum.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1933
DCP, 35 mm, DVD

Early Spring

In his first film after the commercial and critical success of _Tokyo Story,_ Ozu examines life in postwar Japan through the eyes of a young salaryman, dissatisfied with career and marriage, who begins an affair with a flirtatious co-worker.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1956
DCP, 35 mm, DVD

Early Summer

The Mamiya family is seeking a husband for their daughter, Noriko, but when she impulsively chooses her childhood friend, she fulfills her family’s desires while tearing them apart. Yasujiro Ozu’s Early Summer is a nuanced examination of life’s changes across three generations.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1951
35 mm, DVD

The End of Summer

The Kohayakawa family is thrown into distress when childlike father Manbei takes up with his old mistress, in one of Ozu's most deftly modulated blendings of comedy and tragedy.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1961

Equinox Flower

Later in his career, Ozu started becoming increasingly sympathetic with the younger generation, a shift that was cemented in _Equinox Flower,_ his gorgeously detailed first color film, about an old-fashioned father and his newfangled daughter.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1958
DCP, 35 mm, DVD

The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice

One of the ineffably lovely domestic sagas made by Yasujiro Ozu at the height of his mastery, The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice is a sublimely piercing portrait of a marriage coming quietly undone

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1952
DCP, 35 mm, Blu-ray

Floating Weeds

An aging actor returns to a small town with his troupe and reunites with his former lover and illegitimate son, a scenario that enrages his current mistress and results in heartbreak for all, in Yasujiro Ozu’s color collaboration with the celebrated cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1959
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD

Good Morning

Ozu's hilarious Technicolor reworking of his silent _I Was Born, But . . . , Good Morning_ (Ohayô) is the story of two young boys in suburban Tokyo who take a vow of silence after their parents refuse to buy them a television set.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1959
DCP, 35 mm, Blu-ray, DVD

I Flunked, But...

A college student attempts to cheat on his final exams by scribbling notes on his shirt; naturally his best-laid plans go awry.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1930
35 mm

I Was Born, But . . .

One of Ozu's most popular films, I Was Born, But . . . is a blithe portrait of the financial and psychological toils of one family, as told from the rascally point of view of a couple of stubborn little boys.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1932
35 mm, DVD

Late Autumn

The great actress and Ozu regular Setsuko Hara plays a mother gently trying to persuade her daughter to marry in this glowing portrait of family love and conflict—a reworking of Ozu's 1949 masterpiece _Late Spring_.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1960
35 mm, Blu-ray, DVD

Late Spring

One of the most powerful of Yasujiro Ozu’s family portraits, _Late Spring_ (Banshun) tells the story of a widowed father who feels compelled to marry off his beloved only daughter.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1949
DCP, 35 mm, Blu-ray, DVD

The Only Son

Yasujiro Ozu’s first talkie, the uncommonly poignant _The Only Son_ is among the Japanese director’s greatest works, a simple story about a good-natured mother who gives up everything to ensure her son’s education and future.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1936
35 mm, DVD

Passing Fancy

The first of many films featuring the endearing single-dad Kihachi (played wonderfully by Takeshi Sakamoto), Passing Fancy is a humorous and heartfelt study of a close, if fraught, father-son relationship.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1933
35 mm, DVD

Record of a Tenement Gentleman

Yasujiro Ozu’s first post–World War II film takes place in an impoverished Toyko neighborhood that has been partly destroyed in bombing raids.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1947
35 mm

A Story of Floating Weeds

An aging actor returns to a small town with his troupe and reunites with his former lover and illegitimate son, a scenario that enrages his current mistress and results in heartbreak for all, in Yasujiro Ozu’s 1934 silent classic.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1934
35 mm, DVD

That Night’s Wife

In noirish darkness, a man commits a shocking robbery. But, as we soon learn, this seeming criminal mastermind is actually a sensitive everyman driven to desperation by the need to provide for his family.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1930
35 mm, DVD

There Was a Father

Yasujiro Ozu’s frequent leading man Chishu Ryu is riveting as Shuhei, a widowed high school teacher who finds that the more he tries to do what is best for his son’s future, the more they are separated.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1942
35 mm, DVD

Tokyo Chorus

Low wage–earning dad Okajima is depending on his bonus, and so are his wife and children, yet payday doesn't exactly go as planned. Exquisite and economical, Yasujiro Ozu's film alternates between brilliantly mounted comic sequences and heartrending working-class realities.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1931
35 mm, DVD

Tokyo Story

A profoundly stirring evocation of elemental humanity and universal heartbreak, Tokyo Story is the crowning achievement of the unparalleled Yasujiro Ozu.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1953
DCP, 35 mm, Blu-ray, DVD

Tokyo Twilight

Yasujirō Ozu’s final film in black and white is perhaps the darkest, most psychologically complex of his masterful family portraits.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1957
DCP, 35 mm, DVD

Walk Cheerfully

This was the Japanese master’s first true homage to American crime movies, and it is a fleetly told, expressively shot work of humor and emotional depth.

Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1930
35 mm, DVD