Showing: Wong Kar Wai  

Wong Kar Wai’s loose sequel to In the Mood for Love combines that film’s languorous air of romantic longing with a dizzying time-hopping structure and avant-sci-fi twist.

Wong Kar Wai Hong Kong, 2004
DCP, Blu-ray

As Tears Go By

Wong Kar Wai’s scintillating debut feature is a kinetic, hyper-cool crime thriller graced with flashes of the impressionistic, daydream visual style for which he would become renowned.

Wong Kar Wai Hong Kong, 1988
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD

Chungking Express

Two heartsick Hong Kong cops cross paths at the Midnight Express take-out restaurant stand, where the ethereal pixie waitress Faye works. "Chungking Express" is one of the defining works of nineties cinema and the film that made Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai an instant icon.

Wong Kar Wai Hong Kong, 1994
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD

Days of Being Wild

Wong Kar Wai’s breakthrough sophomore feature represents the first full flowering of his swooning signature style.

Wong Kar Wai Hong Kong, 1990
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD

Fallen Angels

Lost souls reach out for human connection amidst the glimmering night world of Hong Kong in Wong Kar Wai’s hallucinatory, neon-soaked nocturne.

Wong Kar Wai Hong Kong, 1995
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD

The Hand

Like In the Mood for Love, The Hand is set in the hazy Hong Kong of the 1960s, but its characters couldn’t be more different from the earlier film’s restrained, haunted lovers.

Wong Kar Wai Hong Kong, 2004
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD

Happy Together

One of the most searing romances of the 1990s, Wong Kar Wai’s emotionally raw, lushly stylized portrait of a relationship in breakdown casts Hong Kong superstars Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung as a couple traveling through Argentina and locked in a turbulent cycle of infatuation and destructive jealousy as they break up, make up, and fall apart again and again.

Wong Kar Wai Hong Kong, 1997
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD

In the Mood for Love

With its aching musical soundtrack and exquisitely abstract cinematography by Christopher Doyle and Mark Lee Ping-bin, this film has been a major stylistic influence on the past decade of cinema, and is a milestone in Wong’s redoubtable career.

Wong Kar Wai Hong Kong, 2000
DCP, 35 mm, Blu-ray, DVD