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Le amiche

This major early achievement by Michelangelo Antonioni bears the first signs of the cinema-changing style for which he would soon be world-famous.

Michelangelo Antonioni Italy, 1955
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Michelangelo Antonioni invented a new film grammar with this masterwork.

Michelangelo Antonioni Italy, 1960
35 mm, 16 mm, Blu-ray, DVD


The concluding chapter of Michelangelo Antonioni’s informal trilogy on contemporary malaise, L’eclisse tells the story of a young woman (Monica Vitti) who leaves one lover (Francisco Rabal) and drifts into a relationship with another (Alain Delon).

Michelangelo Antonioni Italy, 1962
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Identification of a Woman

Michelangelo Antonioni’s _Identification of a Woman_ is a body- and soul-baring voyage into one man’s artistic and erotic consciousness.

Michelangelo Antonioni Italy, 1982
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Red Desert

Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1960s panoramas of contemporary alienation were decade-defining artistic events. Red Desert, his first color film, is perhaps his most epochal, and confirms Antonioni as cinema’s preeminent poet of the modern age.

Michelangelo Antonioni France, 1964
35 mm, Blu-ray, DVD