Showing: Michael Haneke  
71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance

The simultaneously random and interconnected nature of modern existence comes into harrowing focus in the despairing final installment of Michael Haneke’s trilogy.

Michael Haneke Germany, 1994

Benny’s Video

Michael Haneke turns the unflinching gaze of the camera back on itself in this provocative, profoundly disturbing study of emotional disconnection in the age of mass-media saturation.

Michael Haneke Austria, 1992

The Castle

Michael Haneke's adaptation of Franz Kafka's absurdist novel follows a land surveyor as he struggles with the increasingly difficult and bureaucratic practices of the local authorities.

Michael Haneke Austria, 1997

Code Unknown

One of the world’s most influential and provocative filmmakers, the Oscar–winning Austrian director Michael Haneke diagnoses the social maladies of contemporary Europe with devastating precision and artistry.

Michael Haneke France, 2000
Blu-ray, DVD

Funny Games

Michael Haneke’s most notorious provocation, FUNNY GAMES spares no detail in its depiction of the agony of a bourgeois family held captive at their vacation home by a pair of white-gloved young men.

Michael Haneke Austria, 1997

The Piano Teacher

Academy Award–winning Austrian director Michael Haneke shifted his focus from the social to the psychological for this riveting study of female sexuality and the dynamics of control, an adaptation of a controversial 1983 novel by Elfriede Jelinek.

Michael Haneke France, 2001
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD

The Seventh Continent

The day-to-day routines of a seemingly ordinary Austrian family begin to take on a sinister complexion in Michael Haneke’s chilling portrait of bourgeois anomie giving way to shocking self-destruction.

Michael Haneke Austria, 1989