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Bandits vs. Samurai Squadron

Tatsuya Nakadai stars as a vengeful ex-samurai commanding a gang of outlaws in an attack on the castle of his former master.

Hideo Gosha Japan, 1978
35 mm

Sword of the Beast

Legendary swordplay filmmaker Hideo Gosha's _Sword of the Beast_ chronicles the flight of the low-level swordsman Gennosuke, who kills one of his ministers as part of a reform plot. His comrades then turn on him and, his sense of honor shaken, he decides to live in the wild, like an animal.

Hideo Gosha Japan, 1965

Three Outlaw Samurai

This first film by the legendary Hideo Gosha is among the most canonized chambara (sword-fighting) films.

Hideo Gosha Japan, 1964
35 mm, Blu-ray, DVD