Le Pont du Nord
Le Pont du Nord
Le Pont du Nord
Le Pont du Nord
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Le Pont du Nord

Jacques Rivette France, 1981

Perfect strangers Marie (Bulle Ogier) and Baptiste (Bulle’s daughter Pascale Ogier) run into each other three times on an otherwise ordinary day in Paris and decide that fate has brought them together. But why? Just released from jail, Marie discovers that boyfriend Julien (Pierre Clémenti) is involved in a dangerous conspiracy and enlists the impulsive, combative Baptiste to help her unravel it. Using the City of Light’s outlying, dilapidated nooks and crannies as his playground, storied French New Waver Jacques Rivette constructs one of his finest cinematic games with Le Pont du Nord, an entrancing mystery that straddles the line between childlike whimsy and surrealist adventure.


  • 129 min
  • Color
  • 1.37:1


  • DCP

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