The Valley

Barbet Schroeder France, 1972

Barbet Schroeder’s mesmerizing follow-up to More returns to themes of counterculture rebellion and experimentation—this time on a grand, almost mythic scale. While on an excursion in New Guinea to procure rare feathers, Vivian (Bulle Ogier), a French diplomat’s wife, joins a band of vagabond hippies on a quest to discover an uncharted, utopian valley. As the bourgeois Vivian delights in the new pleasures of free love and consciousness-expanding drugs, she believes she has found paradise. But is it just an illusion? Suffused with cosmic mystery—enhanced by a trancey Pink Floyd score and stunning cinematography by Néstor Almendros, who captures the island’s lush, awe-inspiring beauty—The Valley is a hallucinatory parable of post-sixties idealism hurtling into oblivion.


  • 105 min
  • Color
  • 2.35:1


  • DCP

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