A Lesson in Love

Ingmar Bergman Sweden, 1954

One of Bergman’s most satisfying marital comedies, A Lesson in Love stars the droll and sparkling duo of Eva Dahlbeck and Gunnar Björnstrand as a couple deep into their married years and seeking fresh pastures. A gynecologist (Björnstrand) falls for one of his patients (Yvonne Lombard), while his wife (Dahlbeck) flounces off to Copenhagen to renew her fling with a sculptor (Åke Grönberg). Deftly interspersing scenes of farce with interludes of tranquil reflection, A Lesson in Love serves as a cocktail before the full-blown comic brilliance of Smiles of a Summer Night the following year.


  • 96 min
  • B&W
  • 1.37:1


  • DCP
  • 35mm
  • 16mm

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