Day of Wrath
Day of Wrath
Day of Wrath
Day of Wrath
Day of Wrath
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Day of Wrath

Carl Th. Dreyer Denmark, 1943

Filmed during the Nazi occupation of Denmark, Carl Dreyer’s _Day of Wrath_ (_Vredens dag_) is a harrowing account of individual helplessness in the face of growing social repression and paranoia. Anna, the young second wife of a well-respected but much older pastor, falls in love with her stepson when he returns to their small seventeenth-century village. Stepping outside the bounds of the village’s harsh moral code has disastrous results. Exquisitely photographed and passionately acted, _Day of Wrath_ remains an intense, unforgettable experience.


  • 97 min
  • B&W
  • 1.33:1


  • DVD
  • 35mm


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