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Babo 73

Robert Downey Sr.’s first feature is a rollicking, slapstick, ultra-low-budget 16 mm comedy experiment that introduced a twisted new voice to the New York underground.

Robert Downey Sr. United States, 1964

Chafed Elbows

This riot of bad taste was a breakthrough for Downey, thanks to rave notices. Visualized largely in still 35 mm photographs, it follows a shiftless downtown Manhattanite having his “annual November breakdown.”

Robert Downey Sr. United States, 1966

No More Excuses

Downey takes his camera and microphone onto the streets (and into some bedrooms) for a look at Manhattan’s singles scene of the late sixties.

Robert Downey Sr.… United States, 1968

Two Tons of Turquoise to Taos Tonight

“A film without a beginning or an end,” in Downey’s words.

Robert Downey Sr. United States, 1975