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The Tale of Zatoichi Continues

Zatoichi is hired to give a massage to a powerful political official who, he discovers, is mentally ill—a secret that the nobleman’s retinue is determined to keep at any cost.

Kazuo Mori Japan, 1962
Blu-ray, DVD

Zatoichi and the Doomed Man

An elderly prisoner accused of murder begs Zatoichi to find evidence of his innocence. The blind swordsman, for the first time, chooses not to help, but fate has other plans for him.

Kazuo Mori Japan, 1965
Blu-ray, DVD

Zatoichi at Large

Zatoichi comes across a pregnant woman dying from sword wounds and helps deliver her baby. Her final request to him: take the boy to see his father.

Kazuo Mori Japan, 1972
Blu-ray, DVD