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The Beales of Grey Gardens

The filmmakers of _Grey Gardens_ went back to their vaults of footage to create part two, _The Beales of Grey Gardens,_ a tribute both to these indomitable women, Big and Little Edie Beale, and to the landmark documentary’s legions of fans, who have made them counterculture icons.

Albert Maysles… United States, 2006
Blu-ray, DVD

Grey Gardens

Meet Big and Little Edie Beale: mother and daughter, high-society dropouts, and reclusive cousins of Jackie Onassis. The two manage to thrive together amid the decay and disorder of their East Hampton, New York, mansion.

Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin United States, 1976
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD


While laboring to sell a gold-embossed version of the Good Book, Paul Brennan and his colleagues target the beleaguered masses—then face the demands of quotas and the frustrations of life on the road. A landmark American documentary.

Albert Maysles… United States, 1969
DCP, Blu-ray, DVD