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Pier Paolo Pasolini proved himself a radical with his very first feature, in which he courted controversy by applying Catholic iconography and the liturgical music of Bach to a grim neorealist story set in Italian society’s lowest depths.

Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy, 1961

The Hawks and the Sparrows

Pier Paolo Pasolini deconstructs his twin interests—Catholicism and Marxism—in this subversive, fable-like comedy.

Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy, 1966

Love Meetings

In 1964, Pier Paolo Pasolini took to the streets of Italy, armed with a camera and microphone, to interview a cross section of ordinary Italians about their attitudes towards sex and sexuality.

Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy, 1964

Mamma Roma

In Pier Paolo Pasolini’s neorealist take on society’s marginalized and dispossessed, Anna Magnani delivers a powerhouse performance as a middle-aged prostitute who attempts to extricate herself from her sordid past for the sake of her son.

Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy, 1962
DCP, 35 mm, DVD

Oedipus Rex

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s powerfully iconoclastic take on Sophocles’s immortal tragedy blends eras, cultures, and influences to create a searing exploration of fate, free will, and the things we fear most in ourselves.

Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy, 1967


One of the iconoclastic Pier Paolo Pasolini’s most radical provocations finds the auteur moving beyond the poetic, proletarian earthiness that first won him renown and notoriety with a coolly cryptic exploration of bourgeois spiritual emptiness.

Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy, 1968
Blu-ray, DVD