Charlie Chaplin, US 1925, 88 min

Despite its reputation as one of the great masterpieces of silent cinema, The Gold Rush has long been unavailable in its original form, following Chaplin's 1942 "sound version" and his dictate that the original only be screened with live orchestral accompaniment. Now, in collaboration with the Cineteca Bologna and the Chaplin Estate, Janus Films is proud to present a 35mm restoration of the film, complete with a newly recorded orchestral score. Moving, hilarious, and full of invention, The Gold Rush has never looked - or sounded - better.

ABOUT THE RESTORATION: Working in 2K from Kevin Brownlow and David Gill's original 1993 restoration of The Gold Rush, Criterion's technical department further improved the image, removing thousands of instances of dirt, scratches, and debris. Following over 500 hours of restoration work, the film was outputted back to 35mm and married to a new 5.1 Dolby Digital recording of Chaplin's score, reconstructed and conducted by Timothy Brock.


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